Check out this step-by-step guide to installing WP on a subdomain via cPanel. Installing WP manually doesn’t take long – it took me WAYYY longer to put together this blog post. :/   Let’s get started.

Uploading WP to cPanel

Download the most current version of WordPress. – Login to your cPanel dashboard. – Get into your file manager. – Upload WP zip.


– After you see the “complete” message hit the “Go Back” link. –  Right click on the zip file & extract the file.

– Refresh a couple times and you should see a WordPress folder. – Delete the zip folder.

– Double click on the WP folder. – Select all at the top and left click and drag files over to your main folder. – Once you see the files in your directory( delete the WP folder.

Creating a database and database user

– Head back to your cPanel and scroll down to the databases section(you’ll be on this page for these two steps).

– Create a database name (I like to use a name similar to the website) digivony_testingdb is my database name. – After you click the “create”  click the “Go Back” link.

– Scroll to the “Add New User” section. – I advise using the same name as the database name testingdb. – Click the password generator and copy and paste the password into a notepad(you’ll need it soon).

– Scroll down to the “Add User To Database” You will add the user you just created to the database you created earlier. – Select all Privileges.

– Head back to your file manager directory – scroll down and find the wp-config-sample folder and right click edit.

– Scroll down and add your database name, database username, and your database password.

– Next, use this link and get your random variables and copy and paste over. This encrypts your login credentials.  Hit save changes.

Installing WordPress

– Type in your domain name ( your screen will look like this:

Then you want to add your database, username, and password(same ones you used earlier in the wp-config file). Hit submit.:

– After that, you’ll get a prompt to run install.

– You’ll then be on the welcome page. Here you will set up your WordPress username and password. I usually check the ” Discourage search engines” box since this site is not close to being live. I don’t need this site to be indexed just yet, you c, later on,  removed this once your sites ready to go live.

– And finally, you will get a “Success!” prompt. and the option to log in. Go ahead and test out your new username and password.