Installing WordPress couldn’t be easier with Softaculous.  Most hosting providers have this built into your cPanel dashboard. Softaculous creates all the backend info for the WordPress install via a script. Thus making the famous 5-minute install more like a 2-minute install.

This tutorial was done with a subdomain.

Follow along with the video or follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Navigate to your cPanel dashboard
  2. look for the “Softaculous Apps” section
  3. Select the WordPress option

You then see a button to “Install Now” – click it

Next, you have an option to set the site to HTTPS or HTTP (if you haven’t set your domain up with an SSL certificate but are planning to I would recommend set as HTTP default – you can change this later when you install the SSL certificate on your domain).

Below the protocol option is the “Choose Domain” field – Select the domain name you are wanting the fresh WordPress install to be assigned to. (If you need the WP install to be assigned to a folder instead of a subdomain /addon domain select the domain name and then fill in the path to the folder. Example

Next, you want to fill in these settings:

  1. Site name  (this can also be changed in WordPress)
  2. Site description (this can also be changed in WordPress)
  3. Create your login info username & password (make sure your password is NOT easy to remember )

Scroll down and click on install

And your done!

Once complete you’ll be redirected to a page with links to login and view the page if you see this:

This is just propagation (unless you have other DNS issues going on) wait about 10 minutes and check your site again.