Check out this quick tutorial on how to add a subdomain via Cpanel.

But first I want to give a short overview explaining the difference between a domain and a subdomain.

What is a domain name

In short, a domain name is your website address.

When you click on a link or type in a web address in a browser you are entering what’s called DNS( Domain Names System ).

DNS uses a unique set of numbers called an IP address ( internet protocol ) that is assigned to every computer on the internet.

An IP address looks like this:

Could you imagine typing in every-time you wanted to visit youtube?

DNS was developed to make it easier for us to navigate the web via domain names instead of a IP address that may be hard to remember.

Break down of a domain name:

Subdomain: www. shop, blog, menu or dev

Top Level Domain: .com .org & .net

Second Level Domain: domain ( I.e. )

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a branch of a domain, and because of this, you won’t have to register a new domain name when using a subdomain.

The subdomain will also be treated as its own website with its own unique web address.

Subdomains tend to be used to split up content from the main website. Maybe something like a or that you may want to drive traffic to directly. Which could also help drive more traffic to your main website.

Phew! OK. Let’s get to it!

Adding a subdomain

Step 1

Login to Cpanel

Head over to the “Domains” section

—> click on subdomains

choose your subdomain name

Select the proper domain to append ( I’m using my domain name and for my subdomain. )

click create button

Your subdomain is now ready for use! Now learn how to install WP on your subdomain.